HuGG Collapsible Coffee Cup – Silicone


HuGG Collapsible Coffee Cup

Drink your HuGG Tea of Coffee on the Go with this Collapsible Silicone Cup. It Looks Fab & Folds Easily to Fit in your Bag.



HuGG Collapsible Coffee Cup

Drink your HuGG Tea of Coffee on the Go with this Collapsible Silicone Cup. It Looks Fab & Folds Easily to Fit in your Bag.


350ml Liquid Silicone Collapsible Cup Suitable for Hot and Cold Drinks.

BPA Free and Scratch Resistant.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe (-50°C to 200°C).

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Disposable Cups.

The HuGG CBD products are next-generation cannabis-based products that utilize the power of the hemp plant with modern formulations. HuGG is powered by cannabis research firm CiiTECH; a registered UK cannabis biotech company and collaborative partner with professors at Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem – the epicenter of cannabis research and development.

Using the knowledge and expertise of our CiiTECH researchers, The HuGG Co. aims to discover, develop, and commercialise scientifically researched CBD products for the UK and global market.

Our collaboration efforts with leading Israeli cannabis research institutions – as well as local hemp suppliers here in the UK and EU – has allowed us to deliver market products based on an unparalleled level of quality and expertise. When it comes to incorporating cannabis-based products into your life, ideally you should choose a CBD company that comes from a biotech background — in terms of quality, safety, and purity, our CBD oils is unmatched and our skincare products are among the most innovative in the UK.

In a period where the fast-emerging CBD industry has been difficult to comprehend – not to mention overwhelmed with low-quality ‘snake oils’ and misrepresentation  – it is important for customers to feel comfortable and confident with the CBD products they choose, whether they are orally consumed or topical skincare products.

When you buy The HuGG CBD, you are truly buying the finest-quality, top-grade hemp extract on the market. The CiiTECH R&D center is based in Israel, all products meet with UK & EU compliance. 

Sara Flack, co-founder of The HUGG Co. is a mother of 4 boys and feels very passionately about self-care and using the benefits of cannabinoids to achieve optimal well-being in the fast-paced life of today. Sara is a self-care hypocrite who dreams of putting herself first but never truly gets there (unless her long-suffering husband forces her). Throughout life, the one element of self-care that was by far the most neglected was skincare and fabulous looking skin.

“Like many women of today, I work hard to achieve my goals at work and at home. It’s only after I’m on top of everything else that I dare to look inwards and focus on myself. It’s a very real fear for some of us, if you stop you might not start again…. I got to a point where I just thought this is not OK, if I don’t start taking care of myself first (mind and body) then no-one else will. So I decided it was time for change. Having been in the cannabis industry for a number of years it was clear to me that there needed to be a brand solely focused on female well-being and self-care. It needed to be for women, it needed to focus on self-care and it needed to help women young and old infuse top-quality CBD into everyday life. CiiTECH is the perfect partner for HuGG, We bring the passion and self care determination, they bring the science and support”. It’s a perfect partnership bringing CiiTECH knowledge to a female-focused range of CBD oil, infused skincare and my own personal favourite…. CBD infused coffee”.

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1 full dropper (approx. 1ml) contains % NRV*
Iodine (potassium iodide, kelp) 150 µg 100

Other ingredients:



Phospholipids (sunflower lecithin)

Spearmint flavour

Sodium copper chlorophyllin

This product is hypoallergenic / does not contain any of the 14 major allergens listed in Annex II (1169/2011) of the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation.