​The primary reason is because Ultra Life, Inc / Synergistics Europe Ltd, are the only supplement companies that produces/distributes formulas exclusively designed for the different Metabolic Types®.

You obviously have a strong interest in your health and are working to enhance your wellbeing. This can only be accomplished by using the right foods, right combinations and correct supplements for your unique biochemistry.

This is, unfortunately, an all too common misconception. It is often promoted by those who either do not understand Metabolic Typing® or choose to ignore it. Supplements will always have a significant influence on how your body works. It will not always be the same but may vary from only slightly noticeable to quite profound.

While it is true the body will attempt to get rid of what it cannot use, this concept is greatly misunderstood. It should be noted that this process requires a lot of energy expenditure. In many cases, it may require more energy to get rid of the incorrect portions than is derived from the correct portions. This means there could well be a negative energy drain on your body.

In addition, if the supplements are incorrect for that individual’s Metabolic Type®, they may actually make an existing imbalance or symptommuch worse. The correct supplements will have a very positive effect on correcting the imbalance and thereby help in relieving the symptom.
The correct supplements, designed for the specific Metabolic Type®, will always seek to establish balance in the individual. Metabolic balance within the various Fundamental Homeostatic Control Systems is the secret of good health and long life.

It depends on (1) where you are getting them and (2) what you are getting. Because of the tremendous growth in the demand for supplements, some companies are making strong efforts to corner a portion of the market by cutting prices. The two usual methods of lowering prices are to leave out something or reduce quality.

These really are not expensive. In fact, they are often less expensive than products from other companies considered to be high quality. Plus they have the unique benefit of being designed to meet the specific requirements of the different Metabolic Types®.

This is perhaps the crux of that which separates us from all other supplement companies. It is neither honest nor accurate to state, “If you have this problem, take this product.” This is the common thought being promoted today throughout the entire supplement industry but it is incorrect.
This idea is based on the allopathic medical model that says, “For this symptom – take this drug.” This also is not accurate or correct because of the differences in the individual Metabolic Types®. This misconception is most singularly responsible for the confusion, inconsistency and misunderstanding in the world of nutrition today. These same confusions, inconsistencies and misunderstandings exist in the medical world as well, for the exact same reason.

Please take note: The same nutrient can produce exactly opposite reactions in different Metabolic Types.

This is also true for medical prescriptions. That is why in the PDR, you often see opposite reactions listed in the “side effects”. Ex – May cause lowered blood pressure or may cause elevated blood pressure.

This is why we do not give a list of what each product is “used for”. It is not possible to know what reaction it will have unless you know the Metabolic Type® of the individual and which of the Fundamental Homeostatic Control Systems is being influenced.

This is a difficult concept for most to grasp because it requires a totally different understanding of the proper usage of nutrients. The proper way is to use them to restore balance to the metabolism of each individual. All symptoms are simply the manifestation of the imbalances in that individual. The severity of the imbalances determines the severity of the symptoms.

No disease or illness is caused by a deficiency of any drug. They are, however, caused by nutritional deficiencies and/or metabolic imbalances. The only way to restore good health is to restore metabolic balance.

The only way to restore metabolic balance is to know what the Metabolic Type® is of the individual, so they can eat the correct diet, take the appropriate nutritional supplements and employ proper detoxification procedures when they are indicated or desired.

Synergy-Coms are unique formulas for the following reasons. They are produced from a culture of living organisms, much like yogurt is grown. Each individual vitamin and mineral is grown on its own culture, under controlled conditions of temperature and moisture.

This means that each individual vitamin and mineral has all the naturally occurring proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes and lipids that are produced in the growing process. They are not isolates of the particular item, such as Vitamin B-6 or Calcium. They truly are organic food source products.

If the balance between the various components is correct, high potencies are not necessary or even desirable.

Perhaps a bit of digression is in order here. In order for the body to use any vitamin or mineral, it must first be combined with an amino acid, a carbohydrate, an enzyme or a lipid.

This is the basic limitation of so called “synthetic vitamins and minerals”. In order for them to be utilized by the body, they must draw from the body’s reserves of amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes or lipids, because they are isolates.

The Synergy-Com formulas do not draw from the body’s reserves because those items are a naturally occurring part of their growing process and are included in their formulas.

This makes them truly function as highly concentrated foods.

The best way to reduce the cost is to simply take the recommended products less frequently. Ex.- If your program says take them 3 times a day, reduce it to 2 times daily or even 1 time a day. It is better to take the proper balance less often rather than trying to choose the best one out of the recommendations.

The Enzigest formulas are plant derived enzyme formulas rather than animal source enzymes.

They are specifically designed to meet the different digestive requirements of the individual Metabolic Types. They are specifically formulated to meet the varying needs of the Protein Type, the Carbo Type and the Balanced or Mixed Type.

All contain the same enzyme components but the ratios of the various enzymes are different because the ratios of the proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the recommended diets vary considerably.

This varies due to a number of factors. Some of the most common are things like;

How far out of balance are your Fundamental Control Systems? Do you have a serious or chronic disease process going on? How close is your diet to the one recommended by your Healthexcel Program? Are you a “junk food “ eater? Are you on prescription drugs?

The list goes on and on, but these are some very common influences on your metabolism.

The usual thing first noticed by most people is improved digestion and will usually be detected within the first 5 to 7 days. Then the next thing is usually increased energy due to getting more benefit from the food being consumed, along with being slowly brought toward your individual metabolic balance. There are usually noticeable reactions within 2 or 3 weeks but if there are strong interferences in your metabolism, then it may take much longer. This should be discussed in more depth with your Metabolic Typing® Advisor.

This is just a simple means of classifying various products according to the Metabolic Type® for which each one is most appropriate.

In general, the #1 is most often recommended for either the Carbo Type or the Sympathetic or the Slow Oxidizer.

The #2 is most often recommended for either the Protein Type or the Parasympathetic or the Fast Oxidizer.

The #3 is most often recommended for the Balanced or Mixed Type.

This does not always hold true because in some cases, due to an individual need, there will be deviations from this general recommendation.

This is a term frequently given to glandular products being recommended as supplements. They relate to the concept of “Like helps like” and are absolutely the single most effective means of providing “support” to a particular area of the body.

This is a controversial area and much misunderstood. It is too involved to go into a lot of detail here but in our attempt to deal with some of the questions, Ultra Life uses primarily only glandular materials obtained from New Zealand sheep or beef.

This question has been partially answered previously. Here again is the simple classification of #1, #2 or #3, explained above, but with this added feature. They also are identified for either Male or Female by the designation, M or F.

They are designed to give broad based “support” to the whole glandular system of the appropriate individual.

There is a totally different approach employed here than from the use of prescription medications. Drugs always depress or suppress function and bring everything down to the lowest level.

With the Proto-Coms, the intention is to provide greater support to those areas that may be functioning less efficiently while continuing to support, to a lesser degree, those other, more efficient areas.

We do not want to reduce efficiency of any area that is working well; we only want to bring up the efficiency of the weaker area. This way the proper balance will be achieved by raising efficiency and function of all areas to the highest possible level.

Unless you can raise all your own food on a totally organic basis and avoid all the virtually universal environmental pollution, the answer is probably “yes”. The amount of supplements required can many times be only a maintenance level, if you do not have any major problems.

This foundational level would basically consist of the proper multiple vitamin mineral formula, along with the correct digestive enzymes and the proper essential fatty acids, for their individual Metabolic Type®. This would be the best insurance policy for good health and a long life one could employ.

Because no coloring agents are used in any of the supplements, what you are seeing are the normal variations that occur in the raw materials. This is influenced by the time of the year they are harvested, the weather conditions under which they are grown, the granulation size of the particles of each item plus weather conditions at the time of manufacturing.

Under good storage conditions of reasonable temperature and moisture, unopened vitamin mineral tablet or capsule products will have a shelf life of three years, minimum. After opening, they should be used within 90 days.

The most common problem is that many of the products are hydroscopic. This just means they tend to draw moisture. If this occurs, they can sometimes become sticky or dark or actually melt from the moisture.

Enzymes are a bit different in that they tend to lose potency over time. For most, if they are kept dry, the loss of potency is ½% to 2% per year. That is why Ultra Life always adds 10% beyond the label quantity to all products.

The Glandular products are also very stable because of the freeze drying process used in their production. Again, their greatest enemy is moisture so they should be used within 90 days after opening. They really are specially manufactured dehydrated products whose shelf life is at least five years. They would make excellent items for long-term food storage.

Oils are a bit different. Their shelf life is usually a year to 18 months, depending on the level of Vitamin E in them. Obviously the product does not go from being good to not good just because of a date. It is a question of rancidity due to oxidation and this is largely determined by the antioxidant level of Vitamin E.

Probiotics are usually considered to have a one-year shelf life. They do not go “bad”. What happens is they use up their food supply and then begin to die off so the potency can decrease in terms of the number of live organisms. They are usually kept refrigerated to keep them in a state of hibernation. Some are kept in hibernation by drying them so those kind become activated by the presence of moisture.

All can be chewed except for enzymes and HCL containing products. Many do not have a great taste so chewing is somewhat a matter of choice. Usually your computer program report will identify which ones can be chewed or not.

This is a major problem for some families. It depends a lot on what the child sees the parents do because they learn by example. The age of the child is also quite important as very young ones simply do not know how to swallow large items (unless it is something they shouldn’t, like toys or coins or rocks).

Usually one can grind the tablets or empty the capsules into something like yogurt or applesauce or even mix them into soup or baby food and get them down the child pretty well. Sometimes they can be mixed into thick juice, such as tomato or pineapple.

One might start the child learning how to swallow tablets by giving them only a part of a tablet at a time. Children can usually learn rather quickly how to do it and if they are encouraged when they do learn how, it soon becomes no problem for them.

Sometimes there can be. Usually they are very positive as everything begins to function more efficiently. Occasionally there are detoxification symptoms as the increased metabolic activity causes the body to begin to move things around.

If this occurs, then one should discuss with their Advisor, the proper detoxification procedures necessary to address the situation.