WaveWall – The Anti-Radiation Phone Case (Classic)


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We no longer stock WaveWall products, however we can offer you an exclusive privilaged discount!

10% off WaveWall – Coupon Code: SYNERGISTICS10 – Reduced Mobile Phone Radiation by over 85% – https://www.wavewallcases.com/

See here for WaveWall Independant Testing!

Effective Protection Against a Growing Threat

The problem of male infertility is a growing one that is receiving increasing recognition in the scientific community. Research shows that one in five healthy young males between 18-25 now has a low sperm count, which can put their fertility at risk. Scientific studies also show that mobile phone radiation may significantly affect sperm function, a prime cause of male infertility.

Independent testing has demonstrated that WaveWall reduces mobile phone radiation by more than 85%. Just by putting a WaveWall in your pocket, tab facing outwards, you can shield your testes from your phone’s radiation and protect your manhood.

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A Stylish And Sophisticated Anti-Radiation Phone Case

Our handcrafted black leather case is given a striking, sophisticated look with a choice of contrasting stitching and soft lining. All our cases fit snugly around your phone to keep it safe and secure. The contrasting pull tag not only looks great but also makes it easy to remove from the case.

We’re constantly expanding the range of cases available, please add yourself to our notification list if your phone is not yet supported.