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Pro-Adapt Progesterone

Pro-Adapt Progesterone unlike other brands, separates its progesterone and estriol products, allowing for precision dosing and optimal results.

Please advise who your Dr or Health Practitioner is when requesting this supplement.

New 2018 Formula: Pro-Adapt Progesterone – Bioidentical Progesterone

Pro-Adapt Progesterone Key Benefits:

  • Micronized form for greater absorption.
  • Contains 4.0 mg of progesterone per drop.
  • Derived from extractions of the Wild Yam root (Dioscorea villosa).
  • Can be used in bioidentical hormone therapies to mimic natural progesterone.
  • Oil-based in a natural blend of premium mixed tocopherols and alpha-tocopherols.

Support for Low Progesterone:

  • Promotes menstrual regularity.
  • Reduces the symptoms of PMS and promotes calmness.
  • Helps prepare and maintain the body for pregnancy.
  • Helps with weight loss efforts.
  • Counteracts the effects of estrogen dominance.
  • Decreases menstrual bleeding.
  • May help promote fertility and allow for easier ovulation tracking.

Pro-Adapt Progesterone is a highly absorbable source of progesterone. Pro-Adapt is indicated whenever natural progesterone augmentation is required, and can be used for maintaining a healthy estrogen/progesterone balance. Lab testing will help determine each patient’s need for augmentation.


Bottle size: 15 ml, approximately 500 drops.

Oil Hormone FAQ

How many drops of oil are in each bottle?

There are approximately 500 drops per bottle (at a price lower or equal to the competition, with 50% more product per bottle).

Why is the bottle only partially full?

The oil fills approximately 1/3rd of the bottle to allow for adequate shaking of the product before use, and to accommodate the glass pipette’s length and width.

Many BioMatrix customers have used Phyto-BL 4X™ and Progon-BL 4X™ and requested information comparing our new products, especially in terms of converting dosages. While similar in intent and purpose, there are some fundamental differences – and similarities – between Est-Adapt™ and Pro-Adapt™, and these other products.

Additional Info:

Learn more about Synergistics Europe

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  • Progesterone Per Drop: 4 mg.
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • USP Progesterone
  • Vitamin E (with mixed
  • Progesterone Per Drop: 4mg
  • Allergen-free. No corn, rice, soy, etc. No GMOs.

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