Ultra Life, inc.

Ultra Life is a company developed specifically to serve Health Care Professionals and their clients. We provide the highest quality products available anywhere in the world. All products are designed to support specific metabolism as determined by the Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing®.

Just as the nutritional requirements of an individual are unique as their fingerprints, so are the Ultra Life formulas unique in their use for various metabolic types.

All raw materials must meet exacting standards of purity and potency. The finest state of the art methods are employed in all aspects of production to maintain and preserve the highest nutritional value. Slight variations from batch to batch are evidence of our commitment to natural ingredients, a natural preservative system and small batch crafting.

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Ultra-zinc Dieatry Supplement. Each capsule supplies Elemental Zinc* 33 mg., Cysteine 12 mg., Glutamine 2 mg., Histidine 12 mg., Lysine 34 mg., Methionine 5 mg., Threonine 25 mg. *Ascorbate, Aspartate, Citrate, Propionate, Orotate as mineral sources, 120 Capsules..

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